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Saturday, July 28, 2012

What a FUN summer!

I know it looks like we are busy all the time, but we do stay home and rest.
Most summer days are normally a fun activity in the morning and then home for lunch and Ella's nap. We do like our 'cozy days' when we have nothing going on.

Alexander and Caroline's mom Carrie is a teacher, so she is home during the summer months like me.
We met one day at the HT preschool and hit it off. She is always game to go have a fun time!

We went to Deanna Rose Farmstead and saw the animals...

and fed the goats!

We went to Splash Cove swimming. This is always a MUST on Carter's Summer List.

The 4 kids posing for a picture.

Splash Cove has this awesome playground with water in the middle.
 The kids could have played on it forever.

And one day we went to the Spray Park at Loose Park.

We brought plenty of buckets to fill and water toys to play with.

The girls loved it, too.

And I have to mention two of the three activities were FREE!
Carrie and I are great at finding the bargins. :)

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