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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas Program

Carter got to perform in the school Christmas Program this year.
It was a performance by the Kindergartners, First Graders, Second Graders and Third Graders.
Each grade level sang three songs and then they all sang one song together at the end.
There was an afternoon performance when the kids wore their normal school uniforms.
He is on the back row-third from the left.

Singing along!

His position for the finale! He is on the left-third one back.
(He kind of sticks out with his red hair).
There was also a bigger performance in the evening.
We were SO EXCITED that Grandpa Randy, Grandma Deb and Guh Guh made the quick trip up to see the concert.

Front row seats!
The kids with the grandmas before the program started.

I love that smile while singing!

He was so cute up there!

Our family after the concert.
The grandparents (minus Pappy) with the kids before getting back on the highway.
I am so glad they were able to come up and see Carter sing!

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  1. I absolutely enjoyed seeing Carter's program. He knew all the actions and words to all of his songs! Thanks to Grandma Deb and Grandpa Randy for letting me ride with them. I wouldn't have missed it!!