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Friday, August 13, 2010


At the splash park with Eli

Ella and Caden

Drubers Donut Shop with Guh Guh and Grandma Deb

Jay and Carter after swimminh with thir Toy Story towels

Riding Rides at the fair

Farm Bureau red shirts before the sno cones and turtle race

Go Willie (Carter's turtle)

Friends, Family, Turtle Races, swimming, park, good food=NEWTON

    The kids and I went to Newton last week for a great little mini-vacation. It was so fun to see our family for an extended time. (My parents, Ryan's parents, Ryan's sister and her family and my brother Ryan and his family all live in Newton or close by). We LOVE my parents pool! In fact, Carter and Jay (my nephew) even went swimming in the rain with Guh Guh. We met my friend Shannon and her boys at the splash park on Thursday. It was fun, but next time we will have to find a cooler spot where the boys can actually play together. It was fun to see her and have our boys play! We went to the Harvey County fair and saw the 4H animals and rode a few fair rides on Friday night. Then on Saturday, my dad's business had a stand and gave away free Snow-cones at the kids activity time. Carter and Jay each had a few too many snow cones. Then, it was time for the turtle races which were sponsored by both of Carter's grandpas! Unfortunately, Carter's turtle, Willie, was not the winner.  (We drove all around Newton looking for turtles, had a handful of farmers looking for turtles, looked on the highways to Newton...and no one could find a turtle for Carter. So, grandpa Ranny bought Willie at a pet store in Salina. Willie was a salt water fish and could not be released to a pond, so Willie went back to him mommy and daddy at the pet store on Monday morning). My nephew Jay won his heat and even had his picture in the Newton newspaper.
     It was fun to relax in Newton and enjoy the turtle races. I have very fond memories growing up with turtles at house every year. One year my brothers had 21 turtles at our house...It is very fitting for my dad to now sponsor the turtle races.

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