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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Opthomology Check-Up

Today we got to check another clinic off Ella's list. The Opthomology Clinic at Children's Mercy officially released her!

Ella in the big chair.
Of course, when the opthomologist is looking into her eyes I am holding her down with all my might. She is a strong little  girl!

Last year, her premature eye had resolved itself and it looked great. The doctor just wanted a 1year check (this appointment) to make sure everything was still on track.

She said that Ella's eyes are straight and the back of the eye is healthy. She does not see any need for glasses. (Lots of premature babies need glasses).
We are to watch for a "lazy eye" or for her to seem cross-eyed. If we see either of these in the future, we are to make an appointment. But for now, her eyes look great!  
They even gave her these cool glasses to protect her eyes, since they were dilated.

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