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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Touch-A-Truck 2011

This is Carter's FAVORITE thing about summer. He loves the trucks. But I am not just talking about a normal truck-I am talking about a Pepsi delivery truck, ambulance, firetruck, police motorcycle, SWAT team vehicle, coffee truck, excavators, combine, tractor, train, recycle truck, Carter Energy oil truck, mobile game RV....awesome day!!
We were glad Will, Lydia and Brody met us there. So much fun!!
One of our first stops was the recycle truck! Here they are in it.

The boys driving the truck. They even got to honk the horn.

Sitting on the back of the Recycle Truck.

Daddy and Carter in the Children's Mercy ambulance. 

Carter and Ella wanted to ride in the train.

Carter held Ella tightly the whole trip!! We were afraid she would stand up...but she didn't.

Inside the little excavator

Driving the race cars at the Carter Energy truck.

We even found a PINK tractor for Ella to sit on!

Ha! There was an antique tractor and a photographer that was taking pictures of kids dressed up in old time attire. We dressed Ella in a lace dress, bonnet and pearls. Carter wore a silk shirt with a bow tie, matching derby at and knickers!  
SO cute to their Mommy.

Standing on back of the antique firetruck.

On the way out, our last stop was the big excavator!

It was a very special day for my boy. He is already talking about Touch-A-Truck 2012.

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  1. What a fun summer you are all having. You are filling these little lives with such wonderful experiences and memories.