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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ella's check-up

Ella got a great report at the doctor today. They always make me feel so good. I love hearing how well she is doing.

She weighs 10 pounds 1/2 ounce. Yea, Ella!! She is to sleep on her back all the time, which she is getting used to. We have her apnea monitor for one more week, and then I have to return it. (I asked to keep it so that she is more comfortable on her back before I return it). They are changing her reflux medicine to another one to see if it takes care of her dry cough. She is still aspirating a lot (Ryan and I think) so we are postponing her swallow study until September. This test is to see if her food still needs to be thickened--and Ryan and I agree that it does. We still have to wake her during the night ever 3 hours until she is eating 120-150 ml per bottle. Today she is eating 100 ml...but you better bet we will be increasing it soon. Her neck muscles have developed and tortacaulous is no longer an issue. We will go back in a month!

Nadia (Ella's last roommate in the NICU) had the appointment prior to our appointment. It was fun to see her out of the NICU and doing so well. I have often wondered how she was...

After our appointment, Ella and I stopped at Panera on the Plaza and had lunch. I LOVED IT!! It was so special for me--our first outing together, just us! It was so nice to spend one on one time with her and to be relaxed and not rushed...I have a feeling Ella and I will be spending more time on the Plaza together in the future.

The pictures above are a few more of her newborn pics. Becky did a wonderful job with them!!

I am going to bed tonight with a smile. Ella is BLOOMing into a beautiful, healthy baby!

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