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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Class...2J

I loved my class this year. I will blessed with 26 wonderful kids and 26 sets of parents that we so understanding this year...I got the kindest notes, e-mails and calls from them. This school year did not go as planned-but it reminded me that GOD is in control and he knows what is best. Each time I went back to HTS to visit, I felt so loved and enjoyed seeing the kids' smiles. I love their hugs!!! They gave me a large gift basket and each of them had put something special in it for Teacher Appreciation Day. It was a surprise to me, since I visited the following week. I was there so that I could see them in their First Communion attire and celebrate with them. Mrs. Hemke got to hold Ella while I was in pictures...I know she enjoyed it as much as Ella. :)
Did I mention how awesome my co-teachers and sub(s) were...I was able to relax and enjoy Ella knowing my class was in good hands. SO BLESSED!!

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