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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Ella is ONE

One Precious Girl....One Year Old

I took a personal day at work to spend Friday, her actual birthday with her and Carter.
A morning video taken during breakfast.
(Click on the PLAY button for the VIDEO on the picture above).
We went up to the NICU to visit. It is a very special place to us.
Kim, one of our Primary Nurses was working! We were so excited to see her and she thought Ella was so big! She was able to spend time with us, chat and play.
Groups of nurses and Dr. Carr and Dr. Heimes came out to see Ella, too. Cindy, one of the therapists that helped up along the way with Ella's eating thought she looked great. She told me that Ella could eat her whole birthday cake, and ice cream, too!
Then we walked over to labor/delivery area and I saw Denise, who was one of my favorite nurses that helped ME along the way when I was sick. I was so happy to see her. She said I looked GREAT! (I would hope so! She saw me when I was in the midst of 11 days in the hospital bed, in pain and no shower). My mom and I really like Denise. She is someone I will always send Christmas cards to each year. :)
Becky was my other nurse and she was not working. Hopefully sometime I will see her.

Carter's idea was to take Ella to the carousel at the mall.

We had Ella's birthday dinner at Panera. My parents drove in from Newton after work to join us!

Ella on the carousel. Carter chose a white horse for her to ride.

Carter rode a dragon horse right in front of Ella.

And we could not leave without Pappy taking Carter to Topsy's for popcorn and an icee.

Ella ended the night laughing as daddy tickled her belly.
(Click on the PLAY button for the VIDEO on the picture above).

We are so proud of Ella. She has BLOOMED so much over the year. We love you, Ella Bella!!

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  1. Love the pics and esp. Ella and Daddy tickling her and her sweet little laugh!!!! So precious! :) Carter looks cute on the carousal - lots of great memories there! Love you all! xx00