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Friday, January 14, 2011

Visit with Dr. Stuppy

Ella's 1 year doctor's appointment went well.
Here are some stats:
18 pounds 2.1 ounce 13th percentile-68 cm/26.75 inches long 2nd percentile- head circumference 44.5 cm 3st percentile. Dr. Stuppy also said her length to weight ratio was great.

She is impressed with how big she is. We can start weaning her off the bottle and into whole milk. One concern is that in the NICU she could only have soy milk, because the other upset her tummy. Her current formula is also soy. So we will take it slow and see how she does. We can also begin table food! Yea!!

She got 4 shots-2 were her scheduled Synagis (3rd dose of 6). The others protect against chicken pox and.___ (I can't remember). She was a screamer for the shots. Poor girl!

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  1. Wow! Ella is so big!! I'm impressed too. :) How is she doing with whole milk? Our pediatrician wants Calla to wait until her adjusted one year appointment (end of March) to start weaning her off formula. I hope Ella does great with milk and table foods. I'm sure she will! So happy she is doing well.