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Monday, January 10, 2011

Ella's First Birthday

Ella was a cute cupcake! (The theme was cupcakes)
Carter helped Pappy blow up the balloons.

Our other primary nurse, Alisha came to the party! It was so fun to see her with "Princess Ella" again.

My Papa with my dad and Ella. Nana did not make it, but we sent her sweet treats (i.e. cupcakes and cookies) to eat.

Ella in her tutu. This is the same tutu that she wore in her newborn pictures.

Posing with her hat and tutu in the highchair before the cake!

Ella's cute smash cake!

One of her first tastes...she loved the icing!

And she was a messy eater.
The sweet treats! Chocolate cupcakes made by Aunt Stacy, white cupcakes with a cupcake on top and iced sugar cookies...all were delicious!

We loved celebrating this day with friends and family! Here are 5 of my Tri Delta college friends with their kids (minus Will, who was sick). Carter did not want to look at the camera, he was into Brody...

Ella received an adorable elephant that plays music from her Uncle Kyle.

Ella loves to clap and her Guh Guh.

She loved unwrapping her presents!

Her birthday cake toy!

Ella received great gifts! Clothes, books, hair bows and bands, toys....such fun!

Aunt Stacy made this adorable banner that we will use each year!

We had an amazing and fun day with our family and friends! Thanks to everyone for coming. I did not get a group shot, but our house was full.

Ella also celebrated her birthday on Thursday, Jan. 6th at Debbie's house.
Debbie is wonderful and always spoils the kids!

Ella loves her "little sisters rock" outfit complete with a tutu from Debbie. She also got these adorable socks, that she is unwrapping in this picture.

Debbie got Ella a princess crown to wear!

Debbie and the Birthday Girl! Debbie is very special to us!

Debbie's daughter, Jenni gave Ella a fun rolling ball to chase around! She laughs at it and crawls after it.

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  1. Ella looks so darling in all of her first Birthday pics and looks like she was having so much fun! :) I love her little cupcake outfit and the cake and cookies are just perfect for a little 1 year old cupcake sweetie! Miss and love you all!