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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Fair Time in Newton

We LOVE the fair in Newton. We look forward to it each summer.
 On Friday, we met Pappy for lunch ( Guh Guh and Jay were there, too)...
the boys dressed up in costumes...

we played in the pool...
the kids had Popsicles....
Carter LOVES them and they only sell this kind at Dillons, which we don't have in KC.

Carter and Jay enjoyed snow cones...

and nachos, funnel cakes, pop, corn dogs....

served by these two.
Yes, that is Grandpa Ranny and Daddy :)
 Saturday we got up early to meet Caden for donuts...
went to the fair and participated in the 'money dig' in the hay...

the boys were excited with all the coins they collected...

Miss Ella posed with the Princess and Queen of the fair...

and we participated in the TURTLE RACES!!!
They are sponsored by my dad's office and Grandpa Randy's office-hence
the matching turtle race shirts.
Here is Daddy and Ella with Turtle at the starting line. Yes, she named her turtle turtle.

Carter with Butchie racing.

Ella won her first heat and then raced again and got second place in the box turtle division.
Here is Ella receiving her trophy from Pappy.

The kids with Grandpa Ranny and Ella's trophy

The winners
First and Second place in the box turtle and water turtle divisions

The kids with the participation ribbons
Jay with Luke Skywalker
Carter with Butchie
Ella with Turtle
My dad's office manager Lisa and her son Dustin

We LOVE the turtle races!

Silly Daddy

Carter and Butchie
 Jay and Luke Skywalker

 That night we headed to the parade and got lots of candy
and we got one more look at the fair animals.

We sure enjoyed the 4-H fair this year!

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  1. The kids have grown so much and get cuter and cuter - if that's possible - ha!! Fun Times and great memories!