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Thursday, August 16, 2012


This was seriously one of the coolest places on earth!
We had so much fun!
We can't wait to go back.
Tanganyika is an hands-on wildlife park in Goddard, KS, right outside Wichita.
Here is a look at the cool things we did....

We saw white tigers.

And spent a lot of time on lemur island. Wow-did these guys jump on you.

Ha- Guh Guh with a Lemur on her
We got to feed them cranberries.

Carter was a little hesitant

 The kids always like to feed the fish.
Carter with the albino alligator.


Carter and Jay rode horses

Carter and the mountain goats
(He insisted to take lots of pictures to show Pappy, since he couldn't join us)

We got to feed bunnies carrots.
Then my camera gave me issues......
we also fed tortoises lettuce
machaw (parrots) nectar

and lettuce to giraffes.

LOVED this place!


  1. This place looks amazing!!!! I know the kids had a great time! :) So many different animals. Guh-guh looks cool as a cucumber with the lemur!! Love it and love you all! xx00

  2. Guh-Guh was not "cool and a cucumber" with the lemur. I was shocked when he first jumped up on me. I loved, loved experiencing this amazing setting through their eyes!! Spending the day with them was a treat I gave myself!