Ella Brooke is BLOOMING...and Carter is too!

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Final Days of Summer

We have been cramming everything else we have wanted to do into the last few days...
 Jumping Jax Bounce House with Brody
Ella got her nails painted by Guh Guh

This is her smile when she thinks she is a BIG GIRL:)

 Carter has been wanted to go to T-Rex Cafe, so we chose a night to go have a special dinner.
Here they are digging for Dino bones...
Carter in the T-Rex's mouth-YIKES!

T-Rex Cafe!

One last trip to the pool
Such a cute pic!

Ella on the slide!

I started my back-to-school teach meetings last Friday.
Ella was so excited to head back to Debbie's House!
She brought her princess bag and baby doll, Charlotte with her on her first day back.

 The other night was beautiful. We spent a few hours down at the park collecting bugs and playing.
Our collection-a bucket full- of  dead locust shells.

Walking on the bridge

 The path that collects one park to the other park:)
Ella is getting so independent and wanted to pull the wagon.

Today was our last day together.
I gave Carter a list of options of how we could spend our last special day together.
He chose to go to Lawrence and have lunch with Uncle Kyle.

We love Free State Brewery and Uncle Kyle!

And then we headed to Tad's Tropical Snow for Snow Cones!

It was a great way to enjoy our last day of Summer!


  1. You do so many fun and exciting things - you all are the best! :)))

  2. I miss summer already!!!! Ella and Carter have so many fun things going on. I am glad you provide them with so many activities and adventures!!!! I am proud you are such a terrific mom!