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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Ethan Thomas

At daycare, there are two boys named Ethan.
Ella refers to them as Ethan Thomas and Ethan James.
Ethan Thomas is Emily's little brother.
Friday was his last day at Debbie's House.
It is sad to see him go. They have moved and are no longer our neighbors.
The kids at Debbie's house celebrated with a McDonald's lunch.
I came and took a few pictures after nap.
Ethan Thomas and Ella

They are great friends.

and hugs! 
Ella and Ethan Thomas playing with Ethan James and Lucy
Charlotte was sick at home, so she was not there.
The kids with Mrs. Debbie
3 out of 4 looking at the camera
Trying to get everyone to look

Mrs. Debbie, Ethan and the train
We will miss seeing his happy face at Debbie's each day.
I think Ella will have a hard time adjusting. They play together a lot.
Then Ella hopped on this toy and rode home.


  1. I csn not believe that our Ella is one of the "big kids!"

  2. Ella is so adorable and looks so very happy! :))