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Saturday, October 13, 2012


We look forward to the State Fair every year. Carter has been asking about it since summer started.


Pappy and Guh Guh with Elaina, Ella, Devin, Jay and Carter
in front of the Wizard of Oz display.

The four of us ready for a FUN day!

Pappy teaching Devin and Ella about wheat.

Ella the FARMER-ha!

Jay and Carter on "horses"
The Butter Sculpture--a highlight every year
this year it was a train
 Pappy LOVES Pronto Pups (corn dogs). We found the official
sculpture of the Pronto pup.
We love Pronto Pups!

Cute Sunflowers

We always get Root beer at this stand.
Then we rode a few rides...
Carter and Jay liked the carousel.

The boys and their dads went on the bumper cars! 

SO FUN- Happy Faces

Jay and Carter with Pappy

And a quick ride with Pappy. 
YUMMY snow cones! A red one for Carter...

 and a green one for Ella.
We enjoyed the train ride around the fair.
Carter and Jay sat in the very front seat.

Daddy and his cute girl.
Notice it warmed up as the day went on, so we took off our jackets and enjoyed the sunshine.

We saw some seals from a distance and then went to visit the petting zoo.

 Our last treat of the day- monkey shine (ice cream on a stick).
Then we changed into our PJ's for the long car ride home.
Thanks Pappy and Guh Guh for the fun day! Always a highlight for all of us!

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  1. I love all of your pictures Megan! You have a beautiful family and making lots of fun, happy memories for all of you! xx00