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Saturday, April 17, 2010

100 days old

Today Miss Ella is 100 days. What a journey it has been. We are so blessed that God chose us to be her parents and brother. We are so blessed!

She is already BLOOMING in so many ways.
* She is out of preemie sized clothes and is in newborn size.
* She HATES having a dirty diaper and will let us know as soon as she needs to be changed.
* She wakes up right before her feedings...I usually hear her about 10 minutes before my alarm goes off in the middle of the night.
* We are still feeding her every 3 hours around the clock. The doctor says this will continue for awhile...
* She can lift her head up!
* She cries and it is loud!
* She recognizes our voices. She smiles occasionally. She follows us with her eyes.
* She loves to be held and has a hard time when we lay her down at first.
* She enjoys the bouncer and swing for awhile, but lets us know when she is tired of it.
* She is LOVED by all!

This week was a slow week for doctors appointments and will be this coming week. We will have the nurse from Children's Mercy come into our home for a weight and blood pressure check.
Her blood pressure still is a concern. We have set up appointments at Children's Mercy with a kidney doctor and a cardiologist. They have also ordered an Eco Cardiogram of her heart.
Her eyes continue to have the ROP disease and it is healing itself. We will go back in two weeks to have them rechecked. Her right eye is almost resolved and mature, but her left eye still needs more time to correct itself.

At our doctors appointment on Monday, APril 12th, they thought she looked good. She sure was squirmy as they were checking her eyes. They changed her formula in hopes of the new one helping her gain weight easier. We continue to add formula and clear gel thickener to each bottle.

We got her first initial hospital bill. It is just for her stay in the NICU--not counting any of the doctors seeing her and their individual charges. It is over a quarter of a million dollars...thank goodness for insurance.

We have counted our blessings over the last 100 days and will continue to for years! We are so blessed...and it really does not seem like 100 days to us! :)

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