Ella Brooke is BLOOMING...and Carter is too!

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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

It was a wonderful day. We had beautiful weather for the Easter egg hunts, Mass and a BBQ!

Ella's first Easter was special. She wore a bunny one piece most of the day. It was a special gift from a special student in my class.It is light pink with little bunnies all over it. So cute! She got a white bunny holding flowers from another special student that Ella and Carter both enjoyed playing with today. I think bunnies may be her "thing" to collect. They are so cute and she already has a collection started.

Carter woke early and enjoyed seeing his Easter basket and hunting for eggs in the house. He soon told me, "The Easter bunny is so nice. I want to give him a great big hug!" He also said, "The Easter bunny gave me all my favorites." He was worried last night that bunny would not know Ella was home and would not bring her a basket. :)

Ella's actual due date is one week from today, April 11th. I had hoped to make it and not deliver until after Easter. Obviously, God had a different path for us. I have always enjoyed Easter and the special and celebratory day that it is. Since the day Ella was born, I was hopeful she would be home for Easter. Her being here made it that much more special.

Alleluia, we are blessed! Happy Easter!


  1. Megan Im so happy she is home!!! She is so Pretty. I can not wait until i can come hold her agin. You guys look like a beautiful family. Happy Easter

  2. Jennifer Bonewitz

  3. Rodriguez FamilyMon Apr 05, 06:44:00 AM

    What a joyous day for all of you! I love looking at the pics of Ella (she is so darn cute!) and Carter & Jay, Guh-guh & Pappy! Thanks for all the updates! We love you all!

  4. We are glad to here that you had a happy Easter! We are so excited that Ella is home!!

  5. Hope your Easter was FANTASTIC!!! (SOUNDS LIKE IT WAS) Everyone is so thankful that your beautiful daughter is home! Now your wonderful family is complete! Alleluia Praise the Lord!

  6. We hope your Easter was FANTASTIC!!!! (Sounds like it was) You were so blessed that God chose you to have this beautiful daughter!!!