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Saturday, April 17, 2010

first road trip

Ella had her first road trip and did quite well. Ryan's Papa passed away on Saturday, so we traveled to Newton/Salina for the funeral.

We are SO BLESSED to have had 9 grandparents for our kids. Not a lot of people can say that. Carter (and now Ella) enjoy spending time and seeing each of them.

Papa was very special to Ryan. Papa and Ryan's grandma have always gone to as many activites of the grandkids as they could, especially while Ryan was growing up. They would come to Newton when we were home to see Carter.

When Ryan and I were taking our marriage preparation class, we had to choose a couple whose marriage we wanted to resemble. We chose Papa and Grandma. Their love for eachother was amazing! They were best friends-and it showed.

We are very sad that Papa was not able to meet Ella. But we know he loved her the moment we found out we were expecting. Ryan remembers them calling right after Ella was born (and I was still in recovery) to congradulate us. Papa loved Ella and was praying for her healthy recovery. He was able to see pictures of her and we know they made him smile.

Carter and Ella will continue to be brought up loving and remembering Papa.

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