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Friday, July 9, 2010


9:00 AM Occupational Therapist from the NICU Follow-up Team

Cindy Hale is so nice. We saw her while Ella was in the hospital, so I was excited to hear our appointment was with her this morning! She could not believe how much Ella has changes since leaving the hospital! "You're amazing!" "Fabulous!" " Looks perfect!" These are all the things she was saying about Ella today! I am so glad. She thinks she looks great and everything is going well with her gross motor skills. Her flexibility in her hips is good, her joints are "locking" as they should, she is enjoying tummy time, her neck muscles looks great...." She gave us some ideas to work on the next steps of Ella's development, such as practice her holding objects at mid line, playing patty cake and us needing to massage her toes. She said at this time, she has NO CONCERNS about Ella's development. We are so blessed!!!

9:30 AM NICU Follow-up visit with Doctor and Nurse Brenda

Since seeing her last, Ella's volume in her feedings has gone up 2 ounces! They thought she was doing great and even called her a "chunk!" Ella is approaching the growth curve with her weight and her head circumference is on the growth curve. Everything stays the same except that they are increasing the dosing on her reflux medication. She weighs 11 pounds 5 ounces and her blood pressure was wonderful at 91/82....YEA ELLA!

She was so tired from her visits and fell asleep as soon as I put her in her infant car seat.

My Mom, Carter, Ella and I celebrated the good appointments with a special breakfast at First Watch! Thanks for the special treat, Mom!

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