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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Yallapalooza and garage sale

Ella the cowgirl-going to Debbie's while we went to the concert (Notice the adorable John Deere tractor on her overalls and boots--pink ofcourse--from Linda)

We love the drummer!

Did I mention we were soaked??

Carter had the best seat in the house

Uncle Ryan and Aunt Jennifer

The groupies

We have been having fun!! First, I had a garage sale to get rid of all my baby boy things. I did save a few things for Ryan's cousin Megan who is due at Christmas. So, in the horrible heat I had a sale last Thursday and Friday. My goal was to make enough money to cover one week of daycare, and I met that and exceeded it! I am happy!!

Ella slept through the night for the first time on Wednesday night. I woke up on Thursday morning to get up for the sale, and the first thing I thought of was Ella. I am proud of her! She is getting to be a big girl. She has done it a few more times this week...Mommy always appreciates a little extra sleep!

Ella is also rolling over front to back and back to front. She is so cute to watch. She will roll and get her arm stuck, forget about trying for a little while, and then try again. We were cheering for her last night when she did it.

Ryan's band, ROBE, played at Yallapalooza on Saturday. It was on the big stage at Sandstone (outdoor amphitheater here in KC). It was a pretty big deal. They were the opening band, and then big names played after them leading up to Clay Walker-the headliner. We were excited to go see him play! Uncle Ryan and Aunt Jenn came in for it, along with my mom and her friend Linda and Ryan's parents. I took Carter and he loved it. He just watches daddy play so intensely. It did not just rain on us-it poured!! We were soaked by the end of the concerts...it was a lot of fun!!

My mom and Linda were concert-goers this weekend. They went to Yallapalooza and then to The Sprint Center to see Paul McCartney.  They stayed at Kyle's hotel in Lawrence. I am glad it was a fun weekend for them and we got to see them.

We have been enjoying time at home since it has been so hot! I love cozy days with my kids!!

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