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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Beautiful eyes

I spend my days with this precious girl and her beautiful eyes!
She has outgrown her first two hats! I like the light green one she had on today. The nurse told me I could bring socks to have her wear. My friend Summer gave me some adorable PINK ones that she will be sporting tomorrow! So excited for the PINK!
She is still on C Pap today, although she was able to be on nasal cannula for an hour today while I held her (and in the picture). They had to move her feeding tube to her mouth while she is on C Pap.
Her temperature probe was discontinued today, so she has one less cord attached to her tiny body. She has never really had a problem with her body temperature being too low or too high. They will continue to take her temperature under her arm every three hours.
Her first eye exam is scheduled for Thursday. They will be checking to make sure the blood vessels in the retina are not growing abnormally. A complication called ROP is common in premature infants and can lead to blindness and other serious eye problems. However, we are not worrying until the doctors tell us to worry. So I hope that the eye exam goes well on Thursday!

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  1. Hey Megan...there is a couple in our Sunday school class that delievered their baby girl, Calla, at 26 wks as well. I believe she delievered a few weeks before you did. If you want, check out her blog. It seems that you guys are going through a lot of the same things! Just if you're interested. Sometimes you feel like you're the only one going through rough times and it's nice to relate to someone else!

    "The Johnson's"