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Sunday, February 7, 2010


Ella Brooke is ONE MONTH old today! So much has happened over the last month. We are so thankful to all of you for your prayers, well wishes, notes, meals, gifts....we appreciate them all!

Ella has had a hard time with her oxygen de-saturation over the last few days. What that means, is she is struggling and not able to take deep breaths. She was taking a lot of shallow breaths, and her alarms were going off much more than normal. Ryan and I were both surprised with the amount of desats while we were there on Saturday.

The decision was made today (Sunday) to put her back on C Pap. She has not fought it at all...that shows us how much her lungs have been working to keep up and she is exhausted. The doctors hope it will only be a few days until she can go back to nasal cannula.

Her gases were already better this afternoon, so she is already improving.
The doctors started adding fortifier to her milk yesterday during her feedings. Mother's milk alone does not have the amount of calories that she needs for her body to mature and develop. The fortifier upset her stomach and she had loose stools the rest of the day. They have stopped the fortifier and will continue for a few days on milk only-poor girl!

Today is her last day for her 10 day antibiotics, although no infection was found. I am glad they continued to treat her as a precaution.

They are repeating her head ultrasound tomorrow. Please pray for some positive results...

The good news we heard today is that her PIC line will probably be removed in the next few days. Her feeding tube (in her nose) and her oxygen needs will continue to be her main concerns.

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