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Friday, February 19, 2010

Mommy gave her a bath!

Ella got her first "sponge" bath from mommy! I hope she loved it as much as I did. Her nurse, Alisha, lead me step by step. We were laughing at Ella along the way beacause of her squeals.
After her bath, I got to hold Ella in a warm blanket while Alisha changed her sheets. She chose an adorable cupcake sheet for Ella to lay on. (I LOVE polka dots and cupcake decor!)
After a lotion rub down, Ella got to change into a cute outfit that Debbie and her daughter Jennie picked out for Ella. (Debbie is our AMAZING daycare provider and neighbor). It is Preemie size and fits pretty good! Notice the ruffles on her rear!!
She has had a good day today. She is eating more, but not gaining very much weight. They continues to be the main concern right now. She remains on nasal cannula and her oxygen needs continue, but are less than they were a week ago. She continues to have desats, but not as frequent.

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  1. Oh Megan, what a beautiful daughter you and Ryan have. Keep taking good care of her and she'll be home in no time with her big brother. I say a prayer for Ella and your family every night.