Ella Brooke is BLOOMING...and Carter is too!

Thank you so much for your continued prayers and support! Trust in the Lord...

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Miss Ella

On Monday, Ella rested comfortably under the oxygen hood. Her gases were good. She only had one "B" or Apnea that caused her alarm to sound but she was able to self resolve it. I spent most of the day with her and loved it! She opens her eyes and responds to our voices. Her feedings went well and she was able to tolerate her 7 cc of breast milk.

Last night as I was talking to her nurse, Alisha, on the phone she told me how feisty Ella is. She said on her shift she had checked in on Ella and then went back a short time later and Ella had kicked out the IV in her foot. Silly girl! It did not seem to bother Ella at all not having the IV.

This morning, Tuesday, they were able to put her PIC line back in because her labs still show no signs of infection. The had to attempt it 3 times before they were able to get it in successfully. She did not mind because she was in a warm blanket and sucking on sugar water. While they were putting in the PIC line, they put her on nasal cannula and she did well. She is still on it currently and the nurse is waiting to hear if the doctor wants her to be put back under the oxygen hood or stay on nasal cannula. They will continue monitoring her oxygen level, breathing and feedings today.

Since she is doing so well, I am going to run and go pick out a baby crib for her! Carter's crib converted into a "big kid bed", so we need a crib for Miss Ella. I have not been shopping in over 5 weeks...I am ready to spend money!! :)


  1. Ella is such a strong, little lady... Just like her mama! I'm so glad you're able to share this with me. It's in my favorites and I will check in all the time. I love both of you and your adorable, little babes. Praying for all of you... Miss you!!
    Mo & Tess

  2. megan and ryan--stella told me about your blog and i have really enjoyed looking at it!! i still think about you and ella often and i am sooo happy to hear that you are both doing so well! she is beautiful and i cannot believe how much carter looks like his dad!! megan--you are such a strong girl! congrats!!
    molly (one of your nurses in labor and delivery)