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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Oxygen Hood

Ella has had a good day, according to her nurse and doctors. Miss Ella is currently under an oxygen hood. She actually loves it and seems to be much happier under it, because she can move all she wants. She is not hooked up to anything to help her breathe. Instead, she is in a little "bubble" that is blowing humidity and oxygen inside. There is a spout that it is blowing from, and as she is lying there, she "smiles" as it is blowing on her. She wiggles so that is blows at different spots on her face. I am not sure when she will change back to C Pap or nasal cannula, I am just happy she is happy and comfortable for the time being.

She is eating again. So glad! She is up to 2 pounds 11 ounces. All the grandparents have seen her this weekend and they all agree that she is filling out more and you can tell she has gained a little.

She had another blood transfusion today due to her blood gas levels being low. She tolerated it well and her coloring was better when we saw her today.

They are treating her as if she has an infection, although it is not a positive from the lab yet. She acts as though she is not feeling well, so they are going to keep her on the antibiotic to stay on the safe side. They also pulled her PIC line yesterday, because bacteria will stick to any foreign object so they pulled it to make sure it is not the source of the infection.

I look forward to holding her in my arms in the morning.

Thanks for the prayers!

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