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Monday, January 11, 2010

01-08-10 ---- 01-11-10

Over Ella's first days, all of the NICU doctors keep telling us how amazing she is and how she is "not the average 27 week baby" in many ways. Here are a few reasons/updates on her:

*She is sucking on a pacifier. If you remember, Carter went to the NICU at 36 weeks because he could not suck to eat/use a pacifier.

*She has only been using a nasal cannula for her oxygen since her first day of life. At one point, she was using less oxygen than her mommy! She is now on 2 Liters of oxygen at 21% (room air).

*She did have a blood transfusion this morning 1-11-10 which is a common thing. They said it will probably not be her only one. The transfusion helped stabalize her blood gases and oxygen carrying capacity. She recieved about 1 Tablespoon on blood.

*She does have a heart murmur ( Patent Ductus Arteriosus ) and is on day 3 of the medicine to treat it. She will have another Eco Cardiogram on it tomorrow to see if it closed. This again is very common. We are hopeful the medicine will take care of it and she will not need another round of medication/surgery.

*She is experiencing Bradycardia (apnea). This is when she is holding her breathe and her heart rate dips. She is forgetting to breathe. However, it is positive that these episodes are fast and she is correcting on her own. She has not needed any stimulation to correct it. She had a total of 7/8 yesterday and had only 1 this morning as of 11am.


We know we are on a roller coaster and we will have positives/negatives along the way. I am so happy with the wonderful care she is receiving and the AMAZING staff in the NICU!!

I am being discharged tonight. It will be sad, but I know she is in good hands and God is with her. I am doing well, but really tired and sore.

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