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Sunday, January 10, 2010

My condition prior to delivery

** This well written note about my condition prior to delivery was composed by one of my co-teachers at HTS and sums it all up!

Tuesday ( December 29th) Megan began experiencing pain that was determined to be caused by an acute physical issue related to her pregnancy, which required what should have been a short surgery to correct the problem. (Not a problem with the baby, but one with her which was affecting the baby.) The surgery took much longer than usual—about 2 ½ hours, which started a snowball effect of difficulties for Megan health-wise (pre-term labor, pneumonia, kidney failure and more). All of this is what landed Megan in ICU at St. Luke’s on the Plaza. (She’s at 26 weeks and they want to hold the baby until at least 28 weeks.)

Let's keep pouring out prayers for her and Ella Brooke (which is what they will name this baby)!

P.S. Megan just called. She’s out of ICU, but very weak and worn out. Not ready for calls, and no visits, PLEASE. She’ll let us know. I told her I’ll check in with whoever is at her house tomorrow for an update

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