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Friday, January 29, 2010

Two Steps Forward...

Ella weighs 2 pounds 7 ounces and is 3 weeks old!!

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Ella has had a good week, taking little steps in the positive direction.

Her bilirubin level has gone down, so she was able to go off the jaundice light on Tuesday. Yea, Ella! She has also been weaned off of C Pap and is currently on nasal cannula only. Wednesday was her first day on full nasal cannula and she did great. She continues to have monitors go off, telling us she is not taking deep breaths, so we verbally remind her to take deep breaths. She listens to her mommy and daddy and the monitors stop. She also continues to have the occasional “B” episodes and resolves them on her own.

They have determined that her tummy is not able to digest the amount of sugar in breast milk, so she is currently on a pre-digested formula. This will be used for a few days until her stomach is working better and able to fully digest food on her own.

The NICU staff also moved her feeding tube from her mouth to her nose, so that her mouth is free. So this week we have been able to see her without her jaundice protection glasses and without her feeding tube in her mouth! We can actually see her face and she looks so much like Carter.

Carter is adjusting well…we have taken two steps back on potty training(forward steps now), he has not been eating well, he is very clingy to us….all we hear is normal and he is just adjusting. He always said Ella was going to, “ROCK HIS WORLD!”

I have loved spending so much time with her and holding her. Ella is such as sweet baby.

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