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Friday, January 22, 2010


2 weeks old and a big yawner!

We were so happy to finally be able to go see Ella yesterday and celebrate her 2 week birth day! We had not seen her in 4 days, although we had called the NICU often for updates. We had all been well for a few days, and were sure we were not going to spread any germs to her.

She weighs 2 pounds, 3 ounces--the most she has ever weighed!!

Ella is doing very well. She continues to be on C-Pap for her breathing needs. She hates it! The somewhat large apparatus does not allow her to move her head much, without the prongs coming out of her nose and the alarms going off on the machines. When she is awake and moving, it always comes out and one of the nurses has to come and put it back in. When she is sleeping and not moving much, it does not bother her. I am glad the nurses keep an eye on her and change her position often to keep her comfortable.

She is eating well and her feeding amount was increased from 1CC to 2 CC's every three hours. At times she has residual, that shows her last feeding was not fully digested, but the residual amount is decreasing so she is able to have all 8 feedings a day.

I was able to go up today and spend a large chunk of time with her. It was great just to sit and marvel at her. It is hard to believe a week ago was her PDA surgery, two weeks ago she was just one day old and we really were not sure what to expect... GOD is GOOD and taking care of her and us!

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  1. I'm glad you guys are doing better. Cole is having surgery on Monday to get tubes in his ears, but once things settle down, I may try to make a day trip up there over the weekend. I'd like to see you guys. I'll let you know if I can come...I might bring my mom with me. Maybe the 4 of us could go to lunch(if you're mom is still there!)