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Friday, January 29, 2010

Two Steps Back...

Sleepy Girl Picture

(Please read BOTH posts from today--this is the 2nd/later of the two)

The Doctor called this evening and said that Ella was having trouble taking deep breaths, and she was concerned and going to make some changes. She was going to put Ella back on C-Pap (which Ella is going to hate because she is not able to move very much while on the C-Pap apparatus). They are also going to give her a blood transfusion because they know her blood gases are going to fall from being switched back to C-Pap.

They are going to hold one of her feedings, because she will be under a lot of "stress" using the C-Pap again...
I just spoke to the nurse and she said Miss Ella is resting, the blood transfusion is going well and that she is comfortable and sleeping right now on the C-Papa. I will call again before I go to bed for another update.

Please pray that things turn around and we head in the positive direction again, soon!

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  1. Praying Megan...have lots of people praying for you guys too.