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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Updates as of 01-19-10

Ella reminds us of how Carter looked when he was first born!
Our baby girl holding onto Daddy's pinkie! So sweet!! (This is her on C-Pap)

Ryan and I have BOTH been down since Sunday afternoon with what we think was food poisoning. We both had the same exact symptoms and it hit us at the same time. Not fun. We are both still very sluggish. We hope to feel well enough to go see Ella tomorrow.

Miss Ella continues to do well. She pulled out her breathing tube on Sunday night, so they put her on C-Pap. She did not do so well, so they put her breathing tube back in. Yesterday, she was doing well so she was purposely put on C-Pap and is doing well. ( As I understand it-the breathing tube breathes for her, and the C-Pap pushes air in, but she is doing the breathing). Her blood gases are a little lower since being put on C-Pap yesterday, but not enough to change her back to the breathing tube.

She is eating! They are only giving her a tiny bit to get her used to it--but she is eating and doing well. I know it will get some getting used to for her insides before they will increase the amount.

She is jaundice again, so she is back on the beach with the "glasses and heat lamp". The doctor seems to think once she gets eating, it will improve.

Her ultrasound of her head came back unchanged. So--it was not good/bad news. Nothing to worry about, yet. They will repeat it in about a month.

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