Ella Brooke is BLOOMING...and Carter is too!

Thank you so much for your continued prayers and support! Trust in the Lord...

Friday, February 12, 2010

little pink booties

I got to put something PINK on Ella's feet. The nurse said she is ready for clothes, so Ryan and I will dress her for the first time tomorrow. We can't wait to see her in clothes!
The last few days Ella has done well. Her blood gasses have all been good and her oxygen needs have decreased. She in now on 6 hours of nasal cannula and 6 hours of C Pap each shift. She is doing very well on C Pap. She has had only 1 red alarm/Bradycardia/ "B" in the last 3 days. THIS IS AWESOME!!
Her blood never showed sign of infection last week, although she acted like she did not feel good. She finished the 10 days of antibiotics. On Wednesday they performed a Spinal Tap to make sure she did not have Meningitis. The fluid that was removed was clear and so far has shown no signs of infection. We will get the "All clear" at about 5pm tonight, as they keep it "growing" in the lab for 48 hours before they say it is totally clear. Ella did great as they were giving her the spinal tap. She was awake and held in a C position. It was performed in her incubator in her room. They had put on some numbing cream about 30 minutes prior, and she did not feel it or flinch. They said it was one small poke and she did not mind. I waited in the waiting room off the NICU and then went to see her when they were finished.
Her eye exam went well. Her right eye is categorized as "immature" and her left eye shows stage one ROP. This is a fast moving disease, so they will check her again next Thursday. The doctor told me due to her early birth, she expected to see some sign of ROP. They will not do anything if it is stage one or two, but at stage 3 laser surgery would probably be performed. (I think)...
She is eating well, although not gaining weight as we would hope. They have added more calories with formula to my milk...but at times her tummy is not tolerating it. She currently weighs 3 pounds 4 ounces.
Thanks for the prayers! Please pray for her continued progress with the decrease her oxygen needs and for her to gain weight.


  1. Hi Jasperson's

    I have never met you but found out about you and your precious Ella through St, Gerard's Circle at Holy Spirit. I pray for your daughter and offer my day up for her often. Have a wonderful St. Valentine's weekend with your little pink angel. May God bless your precious family.

  2. This grandma and grandpa got to see this precious Ella tonight. She is absolutely beautiful. The pictures do not do her justice. Her color is beautiful. She was very alert tonight. I thank everyone so sincerely for your prayers for Ella. She is indeed a miracle and testimony of God's great love. God bless each of you for your continued prayer and support to this wonderful family.