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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Gaining weight!!

Ella has gained weight the last four days! We are so glad. She weighs exactly 4 pounds!!! She has almost doubled her weight. She is 16 inches in length.
She is able tolerate her feedings-finally! They have found a formula that does not upset her stomach and gives her the added calories she needs. The formula is added to my milk.
I am able to spend much of my time up at the hospital. I love it! Ella Brooke makes the cutest noises. She can tell when it is almost feeding time and always grunts at us.
The only machines she is currently on are her oxygen (nasal cannula) , feeding tube (in her nose) and her stat probe( on her foot) that measure the oxygen in her blood. It is not nice to have her hooked up to less cords.
One thing the doctors recommended was that she may try massage therapy to help with her digestion. She has been given 4 massages by the therapist-and she LOVES it! She is so content during her sessions. I have met with the therapist a few times she taught me the correct ways to give infant massage. It is such a neat bonding experience for Ella and I!! Saint Lukes believes in Massage Therapy for preemies so much that Carolyn(the massage therapist) is a member of the team and actually works for St. Lukes. She is so nice and I can tell already it has been beneficial for Ella.
Thanks for all your prayers and continues support. We appreciate it more than you know...

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  1. Massage therapy can really work wonders in some infants. I'm so glad Ella has taken to it. What's great is that you can do it at home, too. Glad to hear she is progressing well.