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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

5 pounds!

We have reached the 5 pound mark! She is a chunk with a double chin!
Ella had "her last", I am told full blood work up this morning. Everything came back good! SO GLAD!
She is gaining an average of 35 grams a day. She has the occasional desats 3-5 an hour. She has passed her hearing test. Her eyes will be re-examined tomorrow (Thursday) morning. We are praying for them to continue to be at stage 1 or no concern/immature...As of last week they were both stage 1. She continues to do great on room air with no oxygen! Yea Ella!
In the picture she is being weighed on the scale. She has on her monitors that are attached to a probe around her foot. It measures her breathing and heart rate.
She also has another monitor around her other foot that would go off if she left the NICU, or someone tried to take her....(I am very impressed with their safety measures). On her knees is a clear band-aid that protects the delicate skin.
She is still continuing to learn to nurse. She is doing better and better each day. I think she is going to be on the road home sooner that we thought! I cannot wait to have her home....
Ella looks so cute in hats! I love dressing her up already! I am so blessed to have a girl and a boy! Our family is complete. :)

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