Ella Brooke is BLOOMING...and Carter is too!

Thank you so much for your continued prayers and support! Trust in the Lord...

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

over 6 pounds

Our baby girl is 76 days old today and weighs 6 pounds one ounce! She is getting big!!

They are doing the reflux test right now. They began it at 10:20 am yesterday and it will last 24 hours. She has a small tube with a wire in it going down each nostril. It looks similar to a NG feeding tube.

She really did not want to nurse yesterday...I think she may have been uncomfortable with all her tubes.

Ella had a great day yesterday because she got to spend her day with Nurse Kim and her night with Nurse Alisha. They are both AMAZING and talented and take such good care of her. We are very fortunate to be at St. Luke's on the Plaza!!

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