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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Jay's Birthday

Happy 2nd Birthday Jay! We celebrated with him on Sunday, 3-7-10.
Jay is my nephew (Ryan and Jennifer's son). Devin is his big brother and Elaina his big sister. Carter and Jay look like cousins with the red hair. You can definitely tell they are related! :) It was fun to be with family. My parents and Kyle came in for the celebration. It was at The Crayola Cafe at Crowne Center. I couldn't help think..."maybe someday Ella would like to have her birthday here?" The chocolate cake was SO DELICIOUS! I am sure Ella will have her mom's sweet tooth!
After the party, we went up to the hospital to see Ella. She was decked out in an adorable yellow outfit with matching hat. I was surprised when I went to change her that she had a onesie on underneath for warmth. The onesie said, " Does this diaper make my butt look big?" SO FUNNY, considering she really doesn't even have a rear yet!

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  1. Love those redheads!

    Ella looks great, she's so precious.

    She'll be home in no time.